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File Size: 2.0 MB Version: 3.7

If you are a heavy smartphone user, then that's a reason good enough that you need to download CF Lumen on your android smartphone. CF Lumen apk download is available here.

If you are a smartphone user, there is a possibility that you spend much time on your phone. With internet, free games to play, a myriad of apps and social media apps like Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp, Viber and many more, you can never resist keeping in touch with friends and family and share your amazing music and pictures across social media. So there are high chances that your phone has a very tight relationship with your hands.

Due to every day's hustles and bustles, many people find time to sit down and use their phones mostly from the evening throughout the night since day time is busy with work at your various workplaces. So from the evening through the night is when most people settle for their phone's to check those tweets, WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook and many more. That's where CF Lumen app comes in. CF Lumen app is an important tool on android. CF Lumen, for android helps smartphone users from the bright light from backlight which cause fatigue. Sometimes, the backlight from your smartphone contains blue light that may make your brain to keep you from sleeping! This will prevent you from sleeping and who knows, you might get late for work the next day which might land you in problem with your boss.

CF Lumen filters the harmful light rays from making your eyes strain and cause you sleepless nights.CF Lumen changes the color of your backlight that filters harmful light rays to cause you eye problems. It also comes with a number of tweaks that will suit your preferences. Download and install CF Lumen and get better sleep and less eye strain after using your smartphone. CF Lumen is available on android lollipop 5.0 and above.

Cf-lumen-3-70 File Details

File Name: cf-lumen-3-70.apk
Version: 3.7
Size: 2.0 MB
Uploaded on: December 25, 2017
No of Downloads: 98
Minimum Android Version: 5.0
MD5 Hash: 679fdf7abb8d7670762b1980c5bb6148

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