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Posted in: Productivity Developer: Humble Bundle Inc
File Size: 1.3 MB Version: 2.2.2

Download Humble Bundle APK file latest version to have a test of some of the best apps you can get in a single location. From games, reading apps, utilities puzzles and many others, Humble Bundle has it all. Without an official app on the Play Store, downloading the Humble Bundle APK file is the only way you can access this awesome app and its services.

When you download Humble Bundle APK file latest version, you have various options such as paying a given fee for a certain number of apps. While there are many apps you can have for free, there are many others which require a small fee to enjoy. And by a small fee we mean as little as less than a dollar for the whole package. A package in this case has a set of apps and not a single one.

Paying aside, maybe all you want is to have a way of sideloading apps and keeping them in a single location. You can do that with ease using the Humble Bundle app. Apps will be installed on your device but under the Humble Bundle app. You can thus easily access them and fire them up for some fun or work.

Besides that, Humble Bundle offers occasional bundles for its users. For example, it recently released a bundle of 9 puzzle games which you can have for a very low fee. For a single dollar, you can have the basic bundle which has three games namely klocki, Hook, and Zenge. If you pay at least $5, you will get six with Mini Metro, Humen Resource Machine, and Deus Ex GO being added on the previous three. To have all nine, pay anything above the average price indicated and have the six mentioned plus A Good Snowman Is Hard to Build, Concrete Jungle, and Slayaway Camp.

Humble Bundle File Details

File Name: HumbleBundle-2.2.2.apk
Version: 2.2.2
Size: 1.3 MB
Uploaded on: September 9, 2017
No of Downloads: 117
MD5 Hash: 300bbed32a7d3e1aba4336efabb94816

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