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Posted in: Entertainment Developer: Flyperinc
File Size: 3.4 MB Version: 1.11.RC1

Download Flytube APK File New Version For Android For Free.

Download flytube APK file new version for android for free here. Flytube APK file is an Android third-party app. The available version is the latest version so for. Find it here on APK Press and download it for free. Flytube APK is an app for YouTube lovers. Flytube APK is an Android app that enables one to open a youtube video and watch it on a floating bubble.

YouTube is run by Google. And due to the terms of use of YouTube, one cannot watch a YouTube video on a lock screen. Immediately the screen locks, videos from YouTube will stop playing until the screen is on. Because of this, you cannot watch videos on YouTube and carry out another operation on the screen at the same time. But say goodbye to that for Flytube is finally here. With flytube APK for android, you can watch YouTube videos and listen to music in the background. You can enjoy tour music and videos as you carry out other operations on the screen. You can browse the internet, chat on WhatsApp or reply to a text message with YouTube video or music playing in a floating window on your screen. Flytube has got nice features for you can enlarge the floating window, decrease it, move it at any point on the screen to pave way for you to carry out other operations.

Flytube is a great app that every Android smartphone user should have on their smartphones. This is the app that will not let replying messages, chatting on Facebook, talking to friends and relatives and other things stand between you and your YouTube entertainment. Flytube gives you the freedom to enjoy your entertainment and also give you the ability to carry out other activities. Download Flytube APK file new version for android for free now. Flytube application comes with a very nice and great UI and is compatible with smartphones running Android 4.0 and above.

Flytube-1-11-rc1 File Details

File Name: flytube-1-11-rc1.apk
Version: 1.11.RC1
Size: 3.4 MB
Uploaded on: June 5, 2018
No of Downloads: 27
Minimum Android Version: 4.1
MD5 Hash: c790eb7e26fbc02b32a644f4add4ae8a

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